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Dogs In Designer Drip

A year into the pandemic, my mom was gifted a puppy for her birthday because she’s a Leo, and the pup was a Leo, too. They became instant besties. When my mom got COVID, she couldn’t take care of him because he needed to be taken on walks, and my mom physically couldn't take him on walks anymore. As a baby pup, he required attention and care. She asked me to take care of him and I was happy to help. When I would take him out for a walk, I'd grab his collar and think about buying him a new one. I ended up browsing online for stylish collars, leading to a rabbit hole of online shopping – for dog drip. There was one collection on the SSENSE sale that I regret not partaking in because it’s gone now. It was an SSENSE x Ashley Williams exclusive that included matching cardigans for owners and their pets to twin in. Since this iconic collaboration, many more designers have released ready-to-wear for our furry friends.

Fast forward to 2024, Sandy Liang collaborated with Little Beast and designed a collection specifically for dogs. People on Instagram fell in love with the miniature clothes. People were opening their purses immediately, ordering puffers, cardigans, and sweaters for their mini besties. With the collection extending the playfulness, feminine placement of bows on the garments, now owners and their pets can look like a unit. The collection ended selling out quickly.

Sandy Liang x Little Beast ©

We live in a time where having kids is expensive, and pets start becoming like children. You begin to dress your children in clothes that compliment your style. For the fashion girlies, they’re picky about which item of clothing to dress their child in. Everyone has to look good. There has to be range, and it has to be fashion-forward. With reputable collaborations releasing clothes for dogs exactly like their human caregivers, this can mean a matching twin moment that can help encapsulate their personality and identity. Eventually, other brands understood this concept and began releasing more variety of clothing for pets such as Prada, Versace, Ralph Lauren, etc.

I live near Los Angeles, and when I visit the city, I see tiny and big dogs in mini puffers/coats out in public that get this ridiculous smile out of me because it’s silly in theory. But it’s so nice to see humans care about their dogs looking good at all times, too. One time I was strolling around the mall when I saw a dog sporting a Prada collared bandana and sweater in a stroller. This dog called me broke from just passing by. He had his snout out, exuding a regal aura, while his owner had a cinched blazer and skirt paired with these tinted Prada sunglasses where you can see your own reflection. I don’t think the dog knew the level of icon he was reaching. He doesn’t know he’s wearing Prada, but he was rocking the fit; the point is we should see more dogs in iconic clothes.

Sandy Liang x Little Beast ©


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