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Warby Parker and Theophilio Collab On An Exclusive Collection

A vibrant and intentional collaboration.

Today, Warby Parker unveils its latest collaboration with Theophilio, the much-loved New York-based fashion label helmed by Edvin Thompson. Born out of a mutual admiration sparked during their collaboration for the Black Fashion Fair's inaugural publication in 2022, the partnership has culminated in a limited-edition collection of sunglasses, marking Theophilio's debut in the eyewear realm.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the collection introduces a fresh style of sunframes available in four distinct SKUs. Drawing from Warby Parker's expertise in eyewear design and Edvin's deeply personal and vibrant aesthetic, each pair embodies a perfect fusion of form and narrative. Inspired by Edvin's Jamaican upbringing, every element, from the avant-garde silhouette to the vibrant Caribbean hues, pays homage to his roots.

The collection is now available for purchase on and select Warby Parker stores.


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