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Did Lil Baby Show Us That It's His Turn On "My Turn (Deluxe)"?

Lil Baby is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who is now internationally known after putting out a great number of hit songs throughout the years. If you don't know who he is, you are truly missing out. His newest album "My Turn" has been approved by many media outlets and listeners everywhere. Do we approve of it?


The sound on "My Turn" is definitely a mixture of trap music, melodic music, and catchy hip-hop. I mean this in the best way possible. From songs that leave our head bumping like "How", to songs that influence us to lay back and smoke a blunt like "Grace", to songs that we have memorized within the first few times we listen to them like "We Paid", Lil Baby did his thing. The sound is quality and shows mastery. The ability to turn up a party in a second with songs like "Woah", and slow it down just as fast is talent. A big addition to the sound on "My Turn" is actually a recurring feature: 42 Dugg, an up and coming rapper out of Detroit, Michigan. He appears on "Grace" and "We Paid". His voice is what took the sound of these two songs to another level. It is unique and perfectly merged with Lil Baby's unique sound. Because of all of this, the sound on "My Turn" receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


You can feel every single word that Lil Baby spits. Read that again. You can feel every single word that Lil Baby spits. Now you read it three times. I mean that with a passion. He did not come to play on "My Turn". He truly showed that it was his turn through the passion in his voice and his aggressive and deliberate flow. He came to show that he was the best and he succeeded. You can hear how bad he wants his recognition. He spits about real things that he has been through like on "Emotionally Scarred". When listening to the sound, you can feel the stuff that he has been through. Listeners cannot help but nod their head as he just goes off verse by verse. He is consistent with this as it is the same way on songs like "All In". The rapping on "My Turn" no doubt receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


The special part about "My Turn" is the fact that everything aligns with each other on this album. From the title to the sound, to the rapping and the lyrics. The title is "My Turn", therefore, we can assume that Lil Baby knows and feels that it is his turn to shine. He did not title it that and then come slacking. He followed through and published songs that showed this on the album. There is not a dull moment. Even his lyrics align as he talks about his accomplishments and how rich he is. Because of this consistency and alignment, the art behind "My Turn" receives a 10/10.


How, Grace, Heatin Up, We Paid


Emotionally Scarred, Commercial, Sum 2 Prove

"My Turn" truly proved that it is Lil Baby's turn. The passion that he had when rapping was immaculate. Because of the sound, the rapping, and the art behind the album, "My Turn" receives a total score of 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the album below.


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