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Do The City Girls Really Have The "City On Lock"?

Anthem after anthem, the well-known female rap duo City Girls did it again on their newest studio album "City On Lock". The duo has mastered their brand and continues to master it on this album as they influence girls everywhere to be their best selves and focus on themselves first, always.


The sound is upbeat, fun, aggressive, and provocative to the perfect extent. Most importantly, it reflects the City Girls' brand perfectly. From quirky songs like "Pussy Talk" to trap-infused songs like "City On Lock", and melodic songs like "Ain't Sayin Nothin", the City Girls did exactly what they wanted with the sound on this album. It sounds like they had fun and expressed themselves just how they wanted to. The sound by itself can influence listeners to get on their stuff, work hard, put themselves first, and finesse these boys. On top of that, the sound is clean and quality. One thing that they could have improved is the variety of sounds. Although they switch tempos, it does sometimes seem as if the beats are all similar on this album. Because of this, the sound receives a 7/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


The rapping is what not only makes "City On Lock", but it's what makes the City Girls. A lot of present-day female rappers don't have the best flows, lyrics, word-play, and genuine rapping skills. A lot of them have just branded themselves very well, used their looks, benefit off a good beat and catchy lyrics, etc. But, on the other hand, the City Girls are the full package and are not lacking on the rapping tip. From Yung Miami's unique voice and accent to JT's aggressive and monotone voice. Their two voices compliment each other wonderfully. They can both switch up their flows as they did on this album. From a bubbly and catchy flow like we see on "Pussy Talk", to an aggressive, more serious and faster flow like we see on "City On Lock", they can no doubt switch their flows up. Then comes the best part, their catchy, sassy, and fitting lyrics. The City Girls leave listeners in awe as they rap about money, sex, and just overall being pretty rich girls who do and get what they want. From dissing broke boys to bragging about their sex skills, they grasp listeners' attention instantly, as they rap so unapologetically. This continued on "City On Lock". Because of this, the rapping on "City On Lock" receives a 10/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


The album fits the City Girls' brand perfectly, and they don't rap about stuff that they don't mean and don't know about. They talk about everything from their struggles to their ideals, to how they made it, and what they have now. It's as simple as that. Because of this, the art behind the album receives a 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Ain't Sayin Nothin, City On Lock, Winnin


Jobs, Broke Niggas, Pussy Talk, Flewed Out

We definitely recommend listening to "City On Lock" by City Girls. The total score is an 8.7/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the album below.


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