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Doja and Nicki Minaj's "Say So" Remix Leaves Us With Lots To Say

Doja Cat, a new wave female rapper has been making her mark on the industry every since her break-out single Tia Tamera featuring Rico Nasty. Her notoriety only increased after the release of her newest album Hot Pink. The certified platinum song Say So was on the album and on May 1st she released a remix with none other than Nicki Minaj.

THE SOUND Doja and Nicki both stayed true to the original song by maintaining the fun and flirty vibe. Nicki's first verse is more aggressive than the rest of the song but she's gifted in that she tied her own lyrics to Doja's to make the song seem more cohesive. The juxtaposition between Nicki's hard jabs and Doja's light tone is welcome as they compliment each other more than anything. The original song could have been interpreted as too sweet but there's no room for any mistake like that with Nicki's addition to the song. The sound earns an Intersect rating of 9/10


Nicki has never been lacking in the lyricism department and this song is no exception. Her two verses are jam-packed with puns and cohesive narratives that last throughout the entire verse. This is a talent in and of itself as many rap songs nowadays rely heavily on overall themes to carry a verse and use single one-liners to "make the song" however Nicki's entire verse paints a picture. Less impressively, Nicki references the current quarantine situation America is under too many times for our taste. Many artists have been referencing the quarantine or coronavirus pandemic and it seems cheesy and lacks originality. The Rapping earns an intersect rating of 7.5/10

THE ART BEHIND THE SINGLE Say So is a narrative about a friend of Doja's having a crush on her and she's tired of him beating around the bush. The song is an encouragement toward him to admit his feelings. A song with a story is always worthy of praise because they're becoming more obscure nowadays. A clear narrative makes it easier for a feature to feel natural as the featuring artist has a clear idea of what to rap about while maintaining their individuality. The art behind the single earns a 9/10.


"Won't Bite" By Doja Cat

Overall, Say So (Remix) earns an 8.5/10 on the Intersect rating scale. The single was good but it'd be better to avoid cliches going forward. Listen to the single below.


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