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"F&MU", Or Should We Move On?

The pre-release of Kehlani’s album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t has us anticipating the release date. Is F&MU (F*** and Move on) a reflection of what to expect from the rest of the album?


Kehlani is known for giving us songs that are relatable and reflect all the feels, and this sound is no different! It’s definitely a typical sound to expect from Kehlani being that it reflects an urban R&B sound that we all know and love. She gives us a song that isn’t long, but if you were asking for another Kehlani bop, she delivered. The sound on this song earns a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating scale.


We all know Kehlani is not a powerhouse vocalist or anything, but she definitely came through with her consistent sweet and sexy sound on this one. Her vocals are clean and blend with the modern sounds and booming percussiveness of the song. Everything meshes together perfectly, and though it is not complex, it does exactly what listeners need it to, earning an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating scale.


The much-anticipated album by Kehlani does not give us a full story yet since it’s just a pre-release, but the song tells one of its own. The song tells about a toxic love situation, that always ends is making love and making up. Though it is a relatable story, it comes off a bit redundant, especially from Kehlani. The simplicity of Kehlani’s album cover, which shows her wearing shorts and a white tank peeking over a wall of some sort, may indicate curiosity and possibly a new discovery—even trying to see if the grass is greener on “other side”. Nothing about the art behind this particular song is surprising, and it earns a 6/10 on Intersect’s Ratings scale.


If you’re interested in hearing more from Kehlani, check out the pre-release of her album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Be on the lookout for the release— and review — of this album.

Overall Kehlani has delivered something expected, but it is of her usual great quality. The song earns an 8/10 on Intersect’s Rating scale. Check out the single below!


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