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Fall In Love With Sylvan Esso's 'Free Love'

Sylvan Esso, an American electronic pop duo, released a new album titled Free Love on September 25.

In an article with The Current, Nick Sanborn, the duo's producing half, shared that the album reflects "being increasingly anxious about the world around you and looking inward to remember when it was really easy to love other people." This message especially resonates with the state of our world now, where many feel constantly isolated or worried.

The album's light, almost minimalistic energy reflects the call and response of Sanborn's and singer Amelia Meath's musical conversation, and with a global pandemic raging around the world, makes listeners nostalgic for simpler times and connection to others. Short pieces of conversation interwoven throughout Free Love highlight the honesty and humanity of Sylvan Esso's music and seamlessly connect the tracks of the album.

Our top tracks are "Ferris Wheel," "Rooftop Dancing," and "Free." Listen to Free Love below and let us what your favorite songs are!



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