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Field Trip Is Spearheading the Reimagination of Printed Rolling Papers

And don't panic — they're organic.

What started as Kat Kaneski wanting to gift her mother leopard print rolling papers like the ones she had in the '80s led to the creation of her brand Field Trip Rolling Papers. In the most fun and nostalgic way, Field Trip is spearheading the reimagination of printed rolling papers.

Featuring the seven bold designs Botanical, Leopard, Sunny, Third Eye, Shroom, Psychedelic, and Burn Book, Field Trip is the perfect brand for the stylish stoner. Although the papers pay homage to the vintage rolling papers used for cigarettes, Field Trip's papers add a healthy modern-day twist; they're vegan and organic. They are made with all organic vegetable-based inks because, as Kaneski says, "It's not cool enough just to be cool looking. It has to be safe."

We spoke with Kaneski about the design process, philanthropy, and why your rolling papers should be healthy.


What was the initial thought process when you founded Field Trip? What demand did you see, and what problems were you trying to solve?

It started as a gift for my mom. But, a struggle for us when we were launching was looking past the traditional Bob Marley-themed cannabis products that people seemed to want. We wanted to find a way to stay true to something my mom might use and like. We wanted something that was a nod to those vintage rolling papers they don't make anymore. The idea was to reimagine those.

Getting into the weeds here a little bit — they got rid of printed rolling papers because all rolling papers back in the day were for tobacco, as cannabis was illegal. So here we are now, and as the laws are starting to change, we thought, well, hey, they may have regulated that for tobacco, but there's certainly room for it now with cannabis papers. Then, we went a little bit further and thought about how we could make these in a safe and clean way.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty — what are the benefits of vegan and organic rolling papers?

Sometimes people see the inks on TikTok and think, "Oh my gosh, I am not smoking these." But they're made with food-grade and organic vegetable-based inks. They're even safe for people with soy intolerance because some soy proteins do exist. On top of that, the papers are made of organic rice paper, and the adhesive is made from organic, sustainably-sourced Arabic gum from the Acacia tree.

I know it might sound silly to say that a rolling paper is vegan, and I hate to share this information because it's so graphic, but many rolling paper companies use ground up animal parts like cartilage and more. So that's what a lot of people are choosing to smoke with. So, people can make fun of our vegan rolling papers if they want, but they're safe.

Talk about your super fun designs. Which ones are the best-sellers?

The Leopard because, as I mentioned before, it was initially made for my mom and inspired by the vintage Leopard Skins. But actually, the Sunny is also a best-seller. This took me by surprise. I feel like we're always trying to create something that is true to us but also going to perform well in the market. But sometimes, it's hard to call it. For example, The Shroom was one that we thought would fly off the shelves, but it hasn't as much. The print on it is so timeless, though. We actually tapped the artist Kristina Gauer to work on that design. She hand-drew these awesome mushrooms for us.

You guys also do custom designs — what’s the process for that?

Yeah, so we do completely white-label customs. This means we don't only collaborate, but we also have full manufacturing capabilities. So anything you may need from pre-rolls to grinders to rolling papers, we can produce. You could pretty much come to us with any design or idea and we can figure out how to produce it. It may be costly, but we can get it done!

Tell us about your Burn Book project.

This is definitely our coolest project. A guy named Dan Greener approached me with the idea, and I was like absolutely. So our Burn Book papers are printed with all of the legislation that keeps people incarcerated for weed-related crimes. We literally get to burn them, and then 75% of those sales go to our partnership with the Last Prisoner Project. We were founded in 2020 when many people were made aware of the social justice issues going on, and I wanted to be a part of something that wasn't performative so this was a no-brainer for me to hop on board. We raised over $11,000 for the Last Prisoner Project last year!


Keep up with Field Trip and its journey on Instagram @fieldtriprollingpapers. Purchase them on the Field Trip webstore, or in over 200 stores such as Goop and Urban Outfitters.


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