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Dive Into Slugging Season with Futurewise

In a bid to combat winter dryness, Futurewise has officially launched their winter campaign.

Their fan-favorite slugging system is the perfect three-step skincare regimen for the cold and dry weather. Featuring Slug Boost, Slug Cream, and Slug Balm, the system promises to keep your skin irresistibly juicy and hydrated even in the iciest conditions.

Captured through the lens of Kate Biel, the campaign showcases the magic of Futurewise's Slugging System, featuring the radiant personalities of Dre (@gothshakira), Ciarda Hall (@ciardahall), and Lanfranco Marenzi (@lanfrancomarenzi). Their luminous skin serves as a testament to the transformative power of Futurewise's innovative approach to winter skincare. Watch the official campaign video below.

Embrace slugging season with Futurewise and say goodbye to winter dryness.


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