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Ginesse Releases Music Video for Single "Gatorade"

Indie-pop artist Ginesse, also known as Cait Fairbanks, recently released a music video for her single "Gatorade."

Fairbanks's dreamy single is filled with popping electronic beats and synths and a stellar vocal performance. About the song, Fairbanks shared: “It’s a love letter to those I shared time with where the doors have remained open without resolution and without a clear understanding of why.”

The accompanying music video for "Gatorade" perfectly captures the trippy, almost otherworldly energy of the song, with original use of green-screen backgrounds, vintage camera effects, and an ultra-fierce glitter makeup look. Video footage shows Fairbanks singing and grooving to the song while patterns that can only be described as a fabulous Y2K-psychedelic aesthetic change behind her.

Listen to "Gatorade" and watch the official music video now. Let us know what you think.



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