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Has DaBaby Found His Way?

DaBaby's dropped his second single of 2020 this week, entitled Find My Way. The North Carolinian rapper has been trying to do just that as he rises from being a freshman rapper to an established artist in the industry.


DaBaby definitely tries something new with regard to his sound on this single. He's received criticism in the past for never switching his flow. DaBaby's response to this is the song title and the song itself. The title references himself trying to find his way in the industry while the song drives the point home by delivering something completely different than his usual flow. The song takes DaBaby away from his hard rap image and moves him more toward R&B. The song is about a ride or die relationship where he can count on his girlfriend when there's nobody else. The sound gets an Intersect rating of 9/10 for branching out and trying something new while staying true to his image.


DaBaby's voice is smooth like butter, which contributes to his appeal immensely. Unfortunately the beat and his voice don't completely meld well together in this particular instance. The beat is entirely too upbeat and fast paced to compliment his low-key vocals on this track. The beat aside though, his mellow voice works nicely with the lyrics. His voice makes the story he illustrates with the lyrics seems more authentic. The singing earns a 7.5/10.


DaBaby released a 10 minute short film with this single. The video follows a Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple, played by DaBaby and B Simone. The video shows DaBaby's artistry and range. We see a new side of Baby as he acts as one half of an armed and dangerous duo in the video. The video and song show he has plenty to offer to the industry and we've only seen a fraction of what he has to offer. The art behind the single earns a 10/10 from Intersect because it was a complete curveball in the best way possible.


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To conclude, DaBaby's step out of his comfort zone was a rousing success and earned an overall Intersect rating of 8.9/10. Check out the single below.

Listen to the single below.


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