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How Do We Feel About Ingrid Andress' "Lady Like"?

In Ingrid Andress’s new album she focuses on what it is like to be a woman in modern society. She is inspirational and encourages everyone to find their own identity. Her lyrics contain characteristics of someone who isn't “ladylike” but Ingrid Andress proves that she is. This album honestly gives me Taylor Swift vibes but is that a good thing? 


Ingrid Andress uses multi-textured sounds in all of her songs, but do they make the songs country songs? Dragging out some of her lyrics you can tell that Ingrid really put an emphasis on the message she was to relay. Most of her songs have a catchy beat, and a positive tone to them, in her song “Bad Advice” you can hear the orchestral aspect. These songs can be too upbeat though, too pop-like, steering her music away from the country genre. On Intersect’s rating scale the sound gets a 9/10. 


Ingrid Andress has a very calm, refreshing voice. Her singing is understandable which helps the listener take in every lyric. The only downside to her singing and her music is like many young country artists she tends to format her songs in a way that sounds similar to one of a pop singer. This is where the Taylor Swift vibes come in, is Taylor Swift a country singer or is she a pop singer, the truth is it comes down to the song. Ingrid Andress is a country singer but sometimes it can be hard to tell, which isn't always a bad thing. Her lyrics are the only thing keeping her from steering in the pop-culture direction. Aside from her pop-like songs, she is an amazing singer, but this is a big factor so on Intersect’s rating scale her singing gets an 8/10.


Ingrid Andress acts as a voice through this album, a voice to all the women who feel the same way but don't say anything. She is a role model to many people and with this album, she shows women that they aren't alone, that she goes through these things too. She tells a story in all of her songs in this album, in her song “Bad Advice” she sings about taking bad advice from others and how it doesn’t always benefit us, but she does it too. Ingrid made sure that these songs were relatable and modern, in her song “More hearts than mine” Ingrid sings about how she won't be the only one left with a broken heart after a breakup, but her loved ones will also feel the pain. This song is also a good example of how her music is different from pop culture, this song is very “country like”. On Intersect’s rating scale Ingrid Andress’s reason and art behind her album get a 10/10.  


Lady Like, Both, Bad Advice 


More Hearts than Mine, The Stranger 


Ingrid Andress is an amazing artist and role model who has wonderful intentions, she just has to work on her countryside. Her music is very calm and refreshing, I recommend everyone listens to her new album “Lady Like” and decide for yourself if she is leaning more towards country or pop. Listen to the album below.


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