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How Do We Feel About "THE SCOTTS"?

This past week, Travis Scott and Kid Cudi released their new single "THE SCOTTS". The two hip-hop moguls call themselves "The Scotts" due to Travis' stage name Travis Scott and Kid Cudi's real name Scott Mescudi. This single was definitely an accomplishment for Travis Scott due to his utmost admiration for Kid Cudi his entire life. In 2016, Travis Scott told Rolling Stone, "In my whole career, all I wanted was acceptance from Kid Cudi." As one could imagine, "THE SCOTTS" was highly anticipated. Let's see if the single lived up to our expectations.


The sound is suspenseful and melodic. A lot of Travis' music fits that description. "THE SCOTTS" has the same consistent beat throughout the entire song. It is definitely a sound that one could bob their head to and vibe with. Both Travis and Kid Cudi's typical sounds merge together perfectly on this track. They both have a sort of outer space type of sound that puts their fans in a trance. When listening to "THE SCOTTS", I still hear it. I think that because of this, the sound was executed in a very expected manner. However, adding some variance to the sound would have been very beneficial for the two artists. When we refer to platinum records like "Day 'n' Nite" by Kid Cudi and "SICKO MODE" by Travis Scott, we see a change in sound at least once throughout the track. That is one of the reasons why those two songs were so successful and appealing to the ear. If that was done on "THE SCOTTS", it could have taken the single from expected to incredible. Because of this, the sound on "THE SCOTTS" receives a 7/10 on our Intersect Rating Scale.


The lyrics are very distinctive to Travis Scott's typical lyrics. They include a lot of repetition like the word "outside" does on this track. Travis' flow is the same as it usually is. This is good because that flow has taken him very far in his career. Kid Cudi definitely switched up his flow a little bit in this single, because in a way, he sort of sounds similar to Travis. Will all of that said, the rapping is solid. None of the lyrics were outstanding. Everything was solid, calm, and consistent. The rapping on "THE SCOTTS" receives a 7/10 on our Intersect Rating Scale.


The fact that Travis Scott, a newly broken superstar rapper has teamed up with his idol, Kid Cudi, is very influential. It definitely is nostalgic, and it shows aspiring artists how things can and will come full circle if they work hard enough. It is very beautiful to see such influential artists pair up, especially because, in a way, their sounds complement each other very well. It is very nice to see a single where the reason behind an artist featuring a certain artist was deep-rooted. Because of this, the art behind the single on "THE SCOTTS" receives a 9/10 on our Intersect Rating Scale.


"Watch" by Travis Scott

"Day 'n' Nite" by Kid Cudi

Overall, "THE SCOTTS" was a good single. But, with quality music comes high expectations. Both Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are phenomenal artists, and we as listeners expect them to come together and drop crazy good and creative music. We did not feel like "THE SCOTTS" was the best that they could have come up with together, but it was still solid. Because of this, the total score for "THE SCOTTS" is a 7.7/10 on our Intersect Rating Scale. Listen to the single below.


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