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How Much Fun Is Young Thug's New "So Much Fun" Album?

If you listen to modern day rap/hip-hop, and you don't know who Young Thug is, you honestly need to do your research. Thug has been leading the rap charts for years with top albums like "JEFFERY" and "Slime Season 3". In August, he dropped "So Much Fun", a lightweight, and bubbly themed album. If you've ever the term "feel good music", this is definitely what Thug intended it to be. In this review we are going to see whether or not he succeeded.


Fun, upbeat, and unique. Those are the first three words that come to mind when analyzing the overall song of the album. The beats mixed with Thug's catchy high-pitched voice; very well done. If any rapper in this world could pull off the fun sound, it would be Thug. Even his ad-libs are catchy, and ad-libs are definitely in right now. The most incredible thing about the sound is that the speeds of each song can vary, but he can make the slowest speed still sound upbeat and happy. A good example of this is the song "Hot". Everything is clean cut, but what else would we expect from the "GOAT". On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the sound would get a 10/10.


Young Thug didn't just put himself on the album obviously. The "GOAT" is known for his features by people signed to his YSL Record Label like Gunna and Lil Baby. Thug, Gunna, and Baby were definitely the rappers that stood out on this album, trumping the features by Future, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and other known rappers. The rapping was clean, understandable, calm, and fun. One of the most popular lines on the album is "Bad Bad Bad's" first line: "Rose gold seats on a fuckin' helicopter, Double C, no Chanel 'cause she's bad bad bad." Thug was never a rapper to lack on word play, and he didn't disappoint us this time either. On the first song of the album "Just How It Is", Thug literally fluently raps about why he's the GOAT. He does it calmly, and swiftly, as if he's just talking his shit to us. It's merely perfect. He states almost all of his accomplishments in the industry in just over three minutes. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the rapping would get a 10/10 as well. So far Thug is on a roll with this one.


It's safe to say that Young Thug has earned a lot of bragging rights. He's put out multiple hit albums, and platinum tracks. On top of that he intertwined music and fashion on a whole new level. But not only did he do things for himself, he put on multiple known rappers that he saw true potential in such as Gunna, Lil Baby, and Lil Keed. Some artists would even refer to him as a father figure of some sort. After doing all of this, a fun, relaxed, and uplifting album was perfect. It showed that he's at GOAT status, and doesn't have to do too much to make hits anymore. He could just do it, easily. Everything about the album reflected this. Especially the fact that he made his bragging song "Just How It Is" the first song. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the art behind the album would get a 10/10.


Just How It Is, Light It Up, Surf, Sup Mate, Hot


Hot, Bad Bad Bad, The London

I would recommend listening to Young Thug's "So Much Fun" to any and everyone. Even if you don't listen to rap/hip-hop, it's worth it. It's bubbly, fun, uplifting, and not your usual rap album. It's truly "feel good music". The overall Intersect rating for "So Much Fun" is a 10/10. The GOAT did it again. Listen to the album below.


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