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How Okay is Wallows' New Single "OK"?

Wallows latest single was released today with the title "OK." This single is the first piece of music released since their successful album "Nothing Happens", which produced their most known song "Are You Bored Yet" and gained them notoriety. Comprised of Dylan Minnete, Braden Lemasters, and Cole Preston, Wallows is a young rock band based in Los Angeles that has been releasing songs independently since 2017. So, is "OK" just okay, or is it better than okay?


"OK" begins with a muffled bass that slowly builds until it is then joined with Wallows classic piano work and drums. The piano chords introduce the listener to a light song that builds over time and works beautifully with the vocals to create melodic intro verses that build with guitar. More instrumentals join in in the chorus, giving "OK" the happy, head-bopping feel that plays with your emotions. Honestly, if I was having a bad day, the instrumentals themselves (especially the piano) would probably make me a little more tolerable. At the bridge, the beat is centered and the lyrics are in a techno-sounding robot voice, continuing the playful style that Wallows demonstrated throughout the other parts of the song. They do an amazing job incorporating 70s and 80s aspects of music production while keeping their musical identity individual. Because of the light and groovy nature of the song, Intersect gives "OK" sound a 10/10 on the 1-10 rating scale, bringing a new classic to their expansive repertoire.


This specific song is headed by the voice of Dylan Minnette. Generally, Wallows switches lead singers for different tracks and often combines vocals. Minnette begins in his signature low voice and calm demeanor, providing a nice juxtaposition to the energetic instrumentals. Throughout parts of the song, his voice goes higher, providing a sweet sound with an echo effect that Wallows has used in the past. We all love the way Minnette's voice sounds on this track, but his voice is somewhat overshadowed by the instrumentals. If the beat was just a little bit quieter, Dylan Minnette's voice would stand out even more. Because of this, Intersect gives the vocals an 8/10.

THE ART BEHIND THE SINGLE Wallows is no stranger to writing songs about relationships, and this song is no exception. In "OK" Minnette is singing about a relationship with a lack of communication. The lyrics perfectly demonstrate the way you learn your partner's tell-tale signs that something is wrong and the struggle of having to address issues that both people want to ignore. Wallows also does a great job illustrating the trust that accompanies every relationship and the doubts and insecurities that come with it, especially with lines like, "I'm getting too close," and "It's hard to trust it even though I want to." The title, "OK," comes from the wish that all couples have during rough patches to return to normal, or times without issues ("Can we get up and try to feel okay again?"). With the depth into relationship issues that plague every couple and the ability to match such an upbeat instrumental with real-life issues, the complexity that "OK" demonstrates begets an Intersect 10/10 in the art department.


If you like the upbeat piano: "These Days" on Spring EP

If you like the song's build-up: "Remember When" on Nothing Happens

If you like Dylan Minnette's voice: "Only Friend" on Nothing Happens

On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "OK" receives a total score of 9.3/10. Listen to the single below.


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