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In Konclusion: Is "Konclusions" A Hit or Miss?

Kehlani and YG collaborated on a single, Konclusions this year, and I've come to a couple of my own. Is this song a hit? Or is this a single that makes you want to stay single yourself?


The song gives us a chill R&B vibe, with a little hip hop flair. This combo is typical of Kehlani, and fans won't be disappointed in that area. The soft vocal pattern in the background combined with techno bass and drumming gives you something to bop to no matter where you are. The lyrics on Kehlani's part are sweet and peg basic questions of a typical ride-or-die "situationship" that many can relate to. YG gives us a not-so-new perspective on their "situationship" in his honest and simple lyricism. As whispers of their relationship have been featured at the forefront of popular culture, it can be inferred that this song answers many of the questions fans are asking. Kehlani and YG definitely reached their target audience and nothing particularly unique or mind-blowing is going on with this song. It's definitely a "radio hit". This song earns a 6/10 on Intersect's ratings scale.


Kehlani's voice gives us a very comfortable sound. We are used to her preaching in her songs and though this may not have delivered her deepest sermon, her vocals are consistent. Although on this track she's mostly in and out, it's abundantly clear that her voice sweetens any R&B hook and has not changed with time. This could be good or bad depending on perspective; the singing on this track earns a 6/10 as well.

THE ART BEHIND THE SINGLE The fact that two known lovers Kehlani and YG collaborated and made a song about their "situationship" is an art in itself. It makes the song seem more relatable to listeners. Because of this, the art behind the single receives an 8/10 on the Intersect rating scale.


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If you just want to year more of Kehlani, you should listen to her song Escape.

All in all, Konclusions was nothing special, just something catchy to bop to, that feeds the suspicions of fans. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the single receives a total score of 7/10. Check the single out below.


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