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In Review: Cardi B "Like What (Freestyle)"

In her first solo release since 2021, the Bronx-made rapper Cardi B teases her sophomore album with the “Like What (Freestyle).” The new single is accompanied by a music video directed by Cardi’s husband, Offset. The artist, known for her loud personality and authenticity, is back and better than ever as she shows her cocky side in this new freestyle.


The song samples Missy Elliott’s iconic single, “She’s A B****,” which sets the track's tone. In this song, Cardi B is simply in her braggadocious bag. The beat makes you want to dance and sing along because the sample is so familiar. 

She adds to the overall catchiness with the adlibs on the track, which take on their personality aside from the lyrics. The “Uh-huh” sounds are natural, and as a listener, you may want to join in with Cardi as she chants and echoes the lyrics. 

Overall, the production on the track is simple and nostalgic but has replay value. The personal touches that Cardi added, especially through adlibs, make the song all the more fun to listen to. This is the perfect song to listen to while getting ready to go out with friends as you hype each other up, which seems to be Cardi B’s musical strength. 


Cardi B drops some serious punchlines in this song that are bound to be someone’s Instagram captions and subtweets soon. The bars are playful but punchy.

“If I ask for it, all I wanna hear is, "Yes" (Yes), B**** said she wanna be my opp, God bless (God bless), Look, I ain't even got dressed, Any L that I took, come after YS”, Cardi chants on the hook.

The whole song is just Cardi B hyping herself up. 

Lyrics like “I'm pressure, y'all pressed (Y'all pressed), Y'all don't get addressed, y'all's gettin' outdressed” or “It's your birthday, but they talking 'bout me” show the overall cocky vibe of the song.

And of course, Cardi B is known for adding her element of sexiness to the music as well, which can also be seen in the visuals for the song.

“Big ass yacht, and I'm havin' sex on it

Bitches be laughin', like, ho, what's funny?

You braggin' on a n***** that be dyin' to f*** me”, she raps in the second verse.

This song is one to play when you need a confidence boost. Cardi B does a great job of making listeners feel as though they can be just as cocky as she is and has perfected the science of creating a “bad b****” anthem.


Cardi B has already made a name for herself and solidified her spot as an icon in the hip-hop industry. With “Like What (Freestyle),” the rapper hints at what may be a lively and hype sophomore project. “Like What (Freestyle)” gets a 7/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream the song below.


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