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Is Flo Milli's "Not Friendly" What We Needed?

Flo Milli, an up and coming rapper from Alabama has dropped her third album this week entitled Not Friendly. She's made a name for herself in the last year with only five previous singles under her belt. The question on the tip of everyone's tongues though; can she live up to the hype she's created for herself?


Flo Milli's beats often sound very underground. Heavy on the bass with a moderate tempo. She stands alone when lined up with other notable female rappers when comparing beats which is good, but while they're unique, they're also repetitive and uninteresting. Flo Milli relies heavily on her lyrics to carry the song but as the beat drones on it's easy to zone out during the chorus. The song has a fun vibe despite the aggressive lyrics because of the production. The ad-libs, echoes, and laughs make the song fun to listen to. Not Friendly's sound earns a 7.5/10 on the Intersect rating scale.


The juxtaposition of Flo Milli's almost childish voice to her vulgar lyrics creates instant hits. The rapping on this single shows maturity and talent as she effortlessly switches flows. She has a clear brand that she's stuck with through this song which is highly appreciated here at Intersect. Lyricism seems to be something Flo Milli struggles with as it seems very hit or miss with her. Unfortunately, Not Friendly is a miss. The lyrics are very straight forward and unimpressive. The rapping on this single earns a 7/10.


The cover art seems like it's part of a series, the third behind the cover art for Flo Milli's My Attitude and In The Party. It depicts a cartoon characterization of Flo Milli with a bandana on and when the 3 images are put together it creates a narrative of who this cartoon character is. This cover has taken the character from a mischievous student to a downright criminal. This adds a fun element to Flo Milli's music and earns an 8/10 from Intersect.


If you enjoy youthful, underground-like sounds our recommendation for you is: South Beach Freestyle by Mulatto

If you enjoy the aggressive lyrics our recommendation for you is: Hatin by Rico Nasty

In closing, Flo Milli is still making a name for herself in the industry and we should all watch out for her as she grows. Intersect gives Not Friendly a final rating of 7.5/10. Listen to the single below.


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