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Is "The Album, Pt. 1" By Chase Rice The Album To Listen To?

Most country fans know who Chase Rice is, but if you don't, you must listen to his newest album “The Album, Part 1”. This album doesn't only show the journey of his career as an artist, but also his transformation as a person. A lot has changed in Rice’s life over the past few years, he had somewhat of a falling out and this album shows the world that he got his life together. This seven-song collection is a fresh start to the new decade. 


Not too loud, not too quiet. Not sad, but not the happiest, yet still upbeat. Country music has a tendency to be gloomy but this album has the perfect balance of “yes life isn't perfect but there is hope”. You hear that just with the sound, it is calming. His repetitive lyrics are catchy and understanding. He changes up the speed of his voice from slow and quiet to faster and a bit louder, the perfect combination. The strings of the guitar, the clapping, the thumping, and Chase Rice’s voice, all go together perfectly. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the sound receives a solid 10/10. 


He keeps it simple yet very personal and thoroughly gets his message across. The songs in this album are so pure, you can hear it in Chase Rice’s voice. You can hear his determination, you can hear what he is feeling, how he is pouring his entire heart out, literally. Most country music is about cheesy love or heartbreak and while Chase Rice incorporates this in his music, his songs are unusually original because it is based on an actual woman. He makes sure his fan can connect to his music, in his song, “lonely if you are” Rice makes a connection to “the bachelor”. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the singing receives a 9/10.


Not only does Rice sing about toxic relationships with his song “Messy”, something most of us can relate to, he also includes a happier aspect with his song “Forever to go”, touching on the fact that there's always hope. He sings about how lonely he is along with how he knows there are positive things in every situation. This surprise album was Rice’s chance to share his struggles with mental health. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the art behind the album receives a 10/10.


Lonely If You Are, Forever To Go, American Nights 


Lonely If You Are

I would definitely recommend listening to this catchy and upbeat yet mellow album. If you are a new fan or simply want to hear what Chase Rice has to offer as an artist this album is “The album” to listen to. Keep a lookout for “part 2” of this album which will be released sometime in the coming months. On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the album receives a total of 9.7/10. Listen to the album below.


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