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King Princess Goes Digital For "Only Time Makes It Human" Music Video

King Princess has returned to music by going big, dropping a new single, music video and matching merchandise. After releasing the deluxe version of her 2019 debut album Cheap Queen earlier this year, the artist also known as Mikaela Straus has laid low — until now.

"Only Time Makes It Human" dropped Friday, October 16th alongside its digital music video. The song, produced by King Princess and Mike Malchicoff, also features additional production from Mark Ronson. The synth-heavy track is upbeat and catchy, but the lyrics reveal a deeper meaning of queer longing.

Over a disco-inspired beat, KP reflects on a heartache she can't seem to get rid of. “And it sucks that I think about her/’Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely,” she sings. “And it’s not that I wanna suffer/But thinking of her keeps me going.”

The new song arrived with a video directed by Quinn Wilson (Lizzo's creative director), and stars a King Princess virtual avatar designed by 3D artist Pastelae. In the futuristic clip, the digital KP sits somberly in her room watching the human KP perform on TV and computer screens. Eventually, the "real" King Princess seems to crawl out of the screens to make contact with her virtual twin.

In an Instagram post about the song, King Princess thanked her collaborators for the “hot sim video” and left a message for her fans. “I hope this song brings the CLUB to your house during these unprecedented times,” she wrote. “Love you guys <3”

The music video also features the artist wearing her new merch, which includes a line of tank tops and underwear. T-shirts featuring a King Princess logo and “Only Time Makes It Human” single art are available for purchase as well. Shop here.

Listen to the single below and let us know what you think of King Princess' return.



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