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Logic's "No Pressure" Faces the Pressure of Being a Good Goodbye Album

On July 16th the 30-year-old Maryland native announced his retirement from the music industry and with it the release date for his final album "No Pressure". The album comes at a time in his life in which he has decided to dedicate his efforts to his newborn son, wife, and friends.

Releasing his first professionally produced studio album, "Under Pressure" in the Fall of 2014, and providing hits like "Black Spiderman", "1-800-273-8255" among many others it is with no doubt that Logic has had a big impact in the music industry. And it is with a bittersweet tone that we say goodbye to him yet welcome "No Pressure" with open arms.


"No Pressure" uses percussion-heavy beats that allow Logic to lyrically lead the songs and insert just the right amount of voiceovers and adlibs without disrupting the musicality of the songs. An unidentified femme voice opens and closes various songs acting as a narrator, first welcoming the listener to then list Logic's musical influences, this voice is complemented by Orson Welles's radio voiceovers and the commentator from Street Fighter II. The album overall serves as a showcase of Logic's range and talents. From working with loop beats in "GP4" to letting instrumentation and light chorus complement his voice and rhymes in "Hit My Line" Logic delivers a stellar performance in various styles of hip-hop. Logic, however, shifts the speed between songs making the album feel like a rollercoaster instead of a smooth listening experience like in previous albums. Overall the sound of the album serves as an amazing background to display Logic's lyrical ability, his main trait, and therefore receives a 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


The lyrical component of the album is the main pillar of the album, a pillar that is bittersweet and attention-grabbing. The lyrics are a journey, this journey takes the listener through Logic's mind when entering, working, and leaving the rap game. "Celebration" narrates how Logic faced hostility and hardship when entering the industry thanks to his unrecognized and novel style, he then offers words of encouragement to an upcoming anonymous artist. In the second track of the album "Hit My Line" Logic speaks against the materialist feelings he has developed during his time in the industry, he denounces his addiction to fame and money before announcing his relief to finally be stepping away from the world that has brought him many adventures and yet much pain.

In songs such as "Dadbod" and "Soul Food II" he explains in detail how much his life has changed and why he has decided to retire. It is in these songs were Logic switches from talking about the rap game like an unescapable cage to talking about grocery shopping at Target like a typical suburban dad, an identity he has now fully embraced. Although "Amen" is the second to last song he uses this track to thank all the people who have helped him along with his career, he thanks God and encourages the listener to be positive, he reminisces on his best moments and failures. It is with "Amen" that he closes his career. It is with this piano-based track that we say goodbye. In an unprecedented move the last song of the album "Obediently Yours" is a monologue in which trough the voice of Orson Welles, Logic offers heavy social criticism and a set of instructions to bring justice to the unjust world, a set of instructions that resonates with today's climate. "No Pressure" is an amazing, deep, and thought-provoking musical journey and thus receives a 10/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


We expected nothing less from "No Pressure", this album is on brand and yet it seems like an expedition into uncharted territory. In just 59 minutes Logic sums up his rap career, from the high to the low, from hello to goodbye. It is a simple album with a complex meaning. Because of this "No Pressure" receives a 10/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


"Hit my line", "Dadbod", "Obediently Yours", "5 Hooks"


"No Pressure", "GP4", "Celebration", "Hit My Line"

We recommend listening to "No Pressure". It receives a total score of 10/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the album below!


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