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Love Truls Debuts New Single "Trembling Hands"

Swedish artist and songwriter Love Truls has released a new single dubbed "Trembling Hands," out now via This Is Scandinavia. The song is a duet featuring Siri Gunrup Järvinen on guest vocals. "Trembling Hands" comes from Love Truls' forthcoming debut EP, Kantande Wanai, due out June 4. The rising artist describes the track: "'Trembling Hands' was one of the first songs that I made and actually finished. I usually like to leave my songs open to interpretation as they can mean something different for everyone, but for me, 'Trembling Hands' is about new love and new intimacy."

Courtesy of Love Truls

Featured on "Trembling Hands" is Siri Gunrup Järvinen, a close childhood friend of Truls' making her musical debut upon his encouragement — Truls was among the few who knew of her unrecognized vocal talent. Siri is also the daughter of Anna Järvinen and Christoffer Gunrup, Swedish musicians and members of groups Granada and The Amazing, respectively. 18-year-old Love Truls first debuted in 2020 with a pair of singles “Torn Up Dress” and "ADULT," which drew support from Sweden's P3 Radio, MTV Germany, as well as from Spotify. A multi-faceted artist, Love Truls draws his own release artwork and also has a passion for film making and script writing. There's much more to come from him, especially with his debut EP due for release on June 4.

Kantande Wanai EP Tracklist

1. Tell Her

2. Adult

3. Torn Up Dress

4. Commit

5. Trembling Hands (ft. Siri Gunrup Järvinen)

6. Kantande Wanai

Stay tuned for updates and check out "Trembling Hands" below.



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