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We L-O-V-E K.Flay's New Single "Four Letter Words"

Alternative singer, songwriter, and rapper K.Flay, also known as Kristine Flaherty, released her new single and video "Four Letter Words" on April 23 and announced upcoming EP Inside Voices.

"Four Letter Words" will appear on Inside Voices along with collaborations with Tom Morello ("TGIF") and Travis Barker (Dating My Dad"). "The [other] thing that I hope shines through in the EP is a sense of humor," reveals Flaherty. "I’m not like taking myself too serious. I’m serious about what I do, and I put time and effort into this, but there’s a sense of humor, and a sense of self awareness and a little bit of a wink."

"Four Letter Words" is a completely candid anthem-- a reminder to know your own worth. About the single, Flaherty shared, "so many of us go through life trying to be polite, and then we reach a breaking point," she continued, "when we were recording 'Four Letter Words' it felt kind of scary to allow myself to go there-- but there was liberation in it too." Through "Four Letter Words," Flaherty flips the bird to a manipulative ex. The upbeat single defies genre, combining distorted guitar leads with electronic drum beats and Flaherty's classic vocal performance. The hook, "Four letter words, I'm cursing. Fuck you, you didn't deserve me," captures the song's straightforward and powerful energy perfectly.

The accompanying music video to "Four Letter Words" highlights the high emotions of the song and features a very fluffy-looking green bedspread and two animated characters, who create chaos in Flaherty's thoughts. Character IV represents the 'id' and OV represents the 'superego' of psychology.

Listen to "Four Letter Words" below and let us know what you think.



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