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Maluma's New Single "Hawai" Has A Shallow Sound But A Deep Meaning

The 26-year-old Colombian has added another single to his 2020 releases. "Hawai" marks his fourth release (not counting features) of the year. It was unexpected but welcome.


Opening with light vocals set to a synthetic piano and percussion beat, the single is simple and easy-going from the get-go. The melody is groovy and refreshing. It's easy to relax to, it's easy to focus on, but overall the beat is easy to like. With a recurring arpeggio cord, from what appears to be a distorted ukelele encasing every verse, the track sounds calm and enjoyable. It's definitely the perfect combination of melody and harmony. Combined with Maluma's light and short verses "Hawai" has the perfect sound to relax in Hawaii. It is because of this that this single receives a 10/10 on the intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Despite sounding like a song which one would play on a beach day, "Hawai" carries the meaning of a late-night listening session. Singing without accenting any verses or interfering with the melody Maluma is able to deliver a touching story that carries a deeper meaning than the friendly sound would have one think. Maluma talks about a dispute with an ex-lover over social media, he then describes the mixed feelings those petty actions summon. He wishes the new couple his best before reflecting on how despite the many vacations, jewels, and material goods that the new partner may bring his ex-lover they are never going to be able to achieve true love. Maluma speaks against consumerist relationships that are based on making someone else jealous. In the chorus, Maluma reminds his nameless ex-lover that what they had was true, on the other hand, material goods are fake. Thanks to the deep meaning which is neatly placed on an inviting beat the single receives a 9/10 on the intersect 1-10 rating scale.


When a Reggaeton artist drops a song with the name of a tropical paradise in the middle of Summer, the last thing to cross the mind is heartache. However, Maluma has found a way to form an emotionally provoking song that sounds like a summer playlist song. "Hawai" displays Maluma's ability to work with any type of beat and make it work to his favor. The beat, the lyrics, and the song overall leaves nothing to be wished for and therefore achieves a 10/10 on the intersect 1-10 rating scale.

We definitely recommend this song to be on both your sad hours and beach day playlists. "Hawai" overall receives a 10/10 on the intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the single below.


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