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A Recap of Our Favorite New York Fashion Week Shows

From LaQuan Smith to Private Policy, here are our favorite New York Fashion Week shows.

LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith took us into the future with a collection that is other-worldly during New York Fashion Week. For his Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Laquan Smith unveiled sharp and expressive pieces that dare to be bold and hard to miss through ultramodern materials and colors, such as high-shine metallics, jewel-toned leather, and extremely sheer mesh. Models donned looks reminiscent of some sort of high-fashion space oddity, from teal crocodile leather cropped blazers, silver metallic jackets and micro shorts, and hot pink metallic zipper pants. Leather mini-wrap skirts were given a moment, and a few decadent beaded tops stole the show, contrasted with oversized cargo pants. Shimmering and sleek details came down to a new line of LaQuan Smith eyewear featuring silver fluid wrap-around sunglasses and rhinestone-encrusted wrap-around sunglasses.

Eckhaus Latta

The ultra-wearable approach took on the Echkaus Latta show for its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Practical realism with a hint of something edgy could be felt throughout the show’s entirety as garments of the earth-tone variety went down the runway at Rockefeller Center during New York Fashion Week. Hues of metallic sunny green against deep earthy brown were constructed into leather pants and skirts. Lace played a predominant role in dresses and matching co-ords, sheer shirts and blouses kept modernity in the mix, and embroidered button-downs added western flare. Sustainability was a major part of the Eckhaus Latta collection by finding ways to recycle materials or create garments with a zero-waste intention, such as pants made from plastic or yarn used to calibrate fabric looms.

Dion Lee

Interpretations of utility aesthetic clothing are the focus of Dion Lee’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Without taking an extreme approach to construction-themed garments, Lee played around with aspects of formal and casual attire that come together with structural details, as if scaffolding, rope, and tools such as work belts and wrenches were part of the clothes. Blazers, tailored bodysuits, leather utility pants, and oversized jackets can be swapped from day to night settings. In an industrial sense, the collection stuck to gritty colors reminiscent of a warehouse or construction site, such as black, white, and slate grey, while pops of blue, khaki, and red took the spotlight for a few looks. Heavy leather work boots were the shoe of the show, and Lee added in a few dresses made from flowing soft fabric to break up the structural looks of the show.


Ready-to-wear art was found at AREA’s New York Fashion Week show, as it presented its Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Thanks to thousands of Swarovski crystals, AREA’s dazzling display of couture delivered primal aesthetics with animal-inspired pieces and details as if cavemen had created high fashion. Elements such as crystal-embossed bones, artistically designed displays of would-be fur, and scratch patterns on formalwear were just a few highlights of the animalistic collection. Skull masks adorned with Swarovski crystals were one of the accessories of choice, and hints of plaid and denim could be found here and there. Molded bones held dresses together, and sequin materials kept the sparkle going where there was little Swarovski.

Staud Clothing

The 90s called during Sarah Staudinger’s New York Fashion Week show for her label Staud and its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The minimalist aesthetic of the moment was the main focus of the label through simple and sleek casual-to-formal designs with bright and airy features. Shades of blue and lavender were designed into maxi skirts, dresses, and high-necked sleeveless tops. Cream, black, and khaki were made to be versatile through matching co-ords, dresses, and lace and netted numbers, giving the illusion of summertime. Denim pieces were carefully constructed to bring out casual undertones, while sweeping ballgown-esque skirts met simple tank tops. One hint of coral could be found in a slip dress, and eye-catching floral crochet patterns were featured in a mini skirt and underwear set.

Rosie Assoulin

Rosie Assoulin presented her most recent resort collection at New York Fashion Week, marking ten years of the label through none other than her fantastic use of color and creative eye for silhouettes uncommonly seen. In a plea to honor the warm seasons of next year, Assoulin created clothing that reminded us of the warmth as if it were already here. Spring shades of pink, green, and blue melted together with bubbly silhouettes in dresses and skirts, while silk fabric made up quirky formalwear with major floral motifs. Two rainbow dresses were made to remind us of Spring showers, and matching sets kept things cohesive.

Private Policy

Dreaming of a beachier environment, Private Policy’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection “In My Coral World” took the runway at New York Fashion Week. The label intended the collection to speak for environmental justice surrounding protecting coral reefs. Equipped with environmental action undertones, the new collection featured new-age, youthful silhouettes and colors that spanned across any and all genders. Technical and tactical details could be found in an array of cargo shorts, shirts, and zippered and buckled co-ords. On the lighter side, gradient sequined dresses, tops, and wide-leg pants kept things fun, and Y-2K elements like extreme platform sandals and a mesh cotton-candy colored dress offered a different approach than the utility aesthetic.


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