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Nil's Face Card

Meet Nil, a twenty-one-year-old it-girl living in New York City. Originally from Izmir, Turkey, Nil lived there on and off for eight years before moving to Los Angeles. When she moved to LA, her journey as a content creator began. In fact, her very first YouTube video was a vlog documenting her family’s move to the States. Nil grew her channel and personal brand across other platforms in LA, and after six years of living there, she decided to move to NYC and attend NYU. She is still, currently, a full-time student and full-time content creator. Her major is quite fitting: Media, Culture, and Communications with a minor in Psychology. Human behavior and the brain have always fascinated her, so she wanted to explore that world more in college. She's still figuring out what she wants to do in life, as we all are. But, one thing she does have figured out is how to have a face card that never declines.

Nil ©

When did you first get into beauty?

Although I said my LA move-in vlog was my first video, this was not actually the first video I ever posted– I had several channels dating back to 2012. I was always trying to become a “beauty guru” iykyk. Michelle Phan is the beauty legend who raised me. I watched her tutorials religiously and soon after started recording myself on my Macbook photobooth app. I also was very into nail art around the third grade. I would spend hours painting penguins, frogs, and Christmas trees on my nails just to take it off before Monday for school. At some point in high school, I became obsessed with skincare because I struggled with acne. I fully convinced myself that I wanted to become a dermatologist until I realized I would have to go to med school… All this to say, I have always been into YouTube and the beauty/skincare world. Almost all of these passions are documented online if you search hard enough ;)

What was the first ever beauty product that you were obsessed with?

The first beauty product my mom let me use was lip balm. I would actually carry all my lip balms on me at all times because it felt like a comfort object. Before I was allowed to upgrade to the egg-shaped EOS however, I used the lip glosses that came in princess outfits at the toy store. I was also very guilty of stealing my mom’s makeup. My first real obsession was with Maybelline baby lips in pink punch. 

Who are your current beauty inspirations in culture?

I naturally have very, very curly hair– the kind that frizzes up instantly. I think I was always insecure about my curls and always wished for straight hair. I didn't feel as pretty or put together when my hair was in its natural state. Aside from all the damage and money I've spent on blowouts and heat tools, I was sad that I felt the need to change. For me, Carrie Bradshaw, although she has her problematic moments, was a huge inspiration. The way she wore her natural hair in Sex and the City motivated me to figure out a routine that suits my hair needs. Since the year has started, I have only gotten two blowouts (this is actually huge for me)!!! As for makeup, anything can inspire me! From a pretty color to a flower, to a photo on Pinterest.

Nil ©

Let's get into some product recs! If you could only bring three beauty products with you on a two-month trip, what would they be and why(the must-haves)?

1. Innisfree Mineral Sunscreen

No questions asked; sunscreen is my number one. Proud to say I have not gone a day without sunscreen for the past eleven years. I’ve been using Innisfree Mineral Sunscreen recently.

2. Hourglass Unlocked™ Soft Matte Lipstick

Second would be lipstick. It doubles as blush so it’s perfect. I’ve recently been in love with this Hourglass lipstick in the shade Foxglove 356.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Last is powder from Charlotte Tilbury. It takes away my oil in seconds!

Perfect! Now, name three underrated beauty products that people should know about. 

1. REFY Gloss Highlighter

First is for sure: REFY’s gloss highlighter in topaz—the most insane glow known to mankind.

2. Murad Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment

Second is a spot treatment from Murad. This is the only thing that will make a pimple disappear in 24 hours.

3. Glossier Lip Line

Last are these lip liners that Glossier just came out with. I think they go on pretty smoothly and last at least a few hours. 

Nil ©

To close, give me one Nil exclusive beauty tip!

I could list sooooo many but what I wish I really knew when I was younger is that anything that burns should not be on your face! I don’t care how expensive a product is, how well-recommended it is, nothing should burn. If it does, the product is not meant for your skin, and that’s okay! To help with sensitivity however, I love La Rouche Posay cicplast B5+ baume. Those French pharmacists know what they’re doing!


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