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OGBFF And Julie Are Super Hot Together

In a bold new collab radiating sexual liberation, Julie, the internet's favorite morning-after pill, is joining forces with one of the internet's favorite clothing brands, OGBFF. Genius right? The result? A limited-edition collection that's bound to spark conversations and challenge taboos.

This fun-filled collaboration captures the essence of both Julie and OGBFF, two brands celebrated for their chronically-online personas. To top it off, the campaign features the Clermont Twins who are known on the internet for being stylish, disruptive, and sexy.

The collection features a range of eye-catching t-shirts, adorned with witty and candid sayings that speak to the modern, fun, and empowered woman. Phrases like "Sex Happens," "Manifesting My Period," and "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" are emblazoned across these statement tees, providing a fresh perspective on sex and reproductive health.

"With this collection, we wanted to create a shirt that resonated with funny women, but also captured the importance of sexual freedom," according to Angela Ruis and Lauren Schiller, the founders of OGBFF. "We ended up making 4. Striking that balance was honestly a bit of a challenge, but you have to believe us when we tell you we were CRYING laughing as the two of us were spitballing ideas until we reached a point that was appropriate to share with the Julie team. Our weekly calls with the Julie team ended up being a weekly highlight where we collaborated, strategized, and always laughed. Hopefully other brands and large corporations can take note that it is a BIG WIN to collaborate with independent designers and brands. Julie is so smart and clever for asking OGBFF to design their first merch collection, and we’re not just saying that because we’re OGBFF."

Shop the collection now on the OGBFF website.


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