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Our Take On Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's New Charity Single

Pop veterans, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande released a quarantine inspired charity single on March 8th entitled Stuck With U. The duo is donating all proceeds are being donated to First Responders Children Foundation. The song is meant to be a tribute to all those that lost their opportunity to go to prom and overall lift spirits during this time of uncertainty.

THE SOUND The song is a romantic ballad and it has a very relaxed feel as it begins with Grande chatting with someone underneath the instrumental. The artists are undeniably pop singers but they've ventured into R&B on this single. The song has a very old school, a doo-wop vibe that agrees with the two artists' voices. It's quite a surprise that this song is their first collaborations because there's undeniable vocal chemistry between them. Overall, this sound has earned a 9/10 on Intersect's rating scale.

THE SINGING While neither of these two really delivered their best work on their most recent albums they made quite the comeback with this single. They both have beautiful voices that mesh quite well together. It was refreshing to hear Ariana Grande show her range on a slower tempo and Justin Bieber gave us a taste of a previous "Journals" era version of himself. The lyrics seem to have been written with care as the song has meaning beyond "we're quarantined together" which can be a breath of fresh air. The singing earns a 9/10 from Intersect.


The music video shows friends and fans of the two dancing to the single and saying what it means to them. I think it's a cute effort at bringing people together when we all have to stay apart which definitely earns them points. The idea of this being a charity single in such grim times also makes the song worth so much more in my eyes. The art behind the single earns a 10/10 from Intersect.


Favorite Part by Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande

With all things considered Stuck With U earns a 9.6/10 on the Intersect rating scale. Listen to the single below.


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