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Pas Une Marque Unveils AW24 Collection In Collab with Sculptor Johnson Tsang

Drawing inspiration from the spirit of rebellion and the art of deconstruction.

Pas Une Marque unveiled their AW24 collection, dubbed "Seams of Dissent," at their showroom during Paris Fashion Week. In collaboration with sculptor Johnson Tsang, the collection represents a daring departure from conventional luxury ready-to-wear fashion.

"Seams of Dissent" draws inspiration from the spirit of rebellion and the art of deconstruction, delivering a powerful testament to the force of individual expression and the breaking of traditional conventions. At the core of the collection is a resolute commitment to challenging and redefining established fashion norms.

Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted, showcasing a keen attention to detail that seamlessly blends classic elegance with avant-garde elements. The fusion of innovative materials and unexpected silhouettes serves as a glimpse into a future where fashion transcends its role as a mere style statement, evolving into a canvas for personal and social identity.

The collaboration with sculptor Johnson Tsang brings a distinctive vision to "Seams of Dissent." Tsang, renowned for his ability to push the boundaries of reality through his art, infuses the collection with wearable pieces that challenge perception. These creations go beyond conventional garments, transforming into art forms that blur the lines between fashion and artistic expression.

"Seams of Dissent" stands as a bold reimagining of luxury fashion, embodying rebellion, deconstruction, and a visionary approach to individuality. Pas Une Marque's latest collection not only marks a significant moment in the fashion calendar but also sets a precedent for the evolving landscape where fashion becomes a medium for personal and societal statements.


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