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In Review: PinkPantheress' "Turn Your Phone Off"

PinkPantheress has unexpectedly teamed up with rapper Destroy Lonely on their newest track, “Turn Your Phone Off,” which has generated much anticipation from fans who are patiently waiting for her upcoming full-length project.


This track stays true to the classic PinkPantheress drum and bass sound. The beat is intense and swift, lying underneath her whispery, echoed vocals. It is complemented by a heavy bass line, and the pockets of space in the beat are filled with melodic instrumental lines that flutter through. Destroy Lonely matches the atmosphere of this track perfectly with his droning vocals that work effectively over the breakbeat. This style of rapping is a new sound for Destroy Lonely, showing his immense versatility. These two earn an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for their enthralling sound.


PinkPantheress and Destroy Lonely explore the sentiment that comes with a failed relationship. In this scenario, Pinkpantheress plays the character that left the relationship. She sings, “There was a time in my life that I thought that I had maybe made a friend of time like our stars were aligned.” She entered the relationship hoping that it would work but ultimately ended up leaving. Even though the two are no longer together, they still find ways to be involved with one another. Destroy Lonely responds with the statement, “You say it's over, and you think you've had enough, but every time we fight, I end it with, I love you.” The two are in a toxic situation where they have called it quits but can't seem to officially leave one another. The two earn another 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for their earnest, sincere lyrics.


PinkPantheress has shown her innovative abilities by resurrecting the drum and bass genre and showcasing it in the mainstream spotlight. Every single she releases has a special touch to it, which keeps fans on their toes. Choosing to feature Destroy Lonely on this track proved to be a wonderful decision, as he altered his sound to fit with hers. These two made a great match and showed fans and other artists that anyone can collaborate and bend genres with fruitful results. Therefore, they earn a 9/10 for their art.

Overall, they earn an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream "Turn Your Phone Off (ft. Destroy Lonely)" below.


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