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Prada Skincare Launches Exclusively at Nordstrom

As an OG Nordstrom girl, this is a win.

Prada ©

You may know Prada for their iconic designs and well-adored fragrances, but Nordstrom is introducing you to another side of the brand: Prada Beauty. On January 15th, Prada unveiled its exclusive skincare line on, bringing a perfect blend of innovation and luxury to your beauty routine. The carefully curated Prada Skincare Collection features four key products:

  • Augmented Skin Cleanser - $95

  • Augmented Skin Cream - $390

  • Augmented Skin Refill - $315

  • Augmented Skin Essence - $135

  • Augmented Skin Serum - $410

  • Augmented Skin Serum Refill - $330

But that's not all – Prada Beauty also introduced a selection of makeup products. now features an array of lipstick shades, eyeshadow palettes, and foundation options from Prada Beauty, allowing customers to indulge in the brand's iconic beauty aesthetic beyond skincare.

Prada ©

This exclusive partnership with Nordstrom is a significant milestone for Prada, expanding its beauty and skincare offerings to a broader audience. The collaboration reflects Prada's commitment to innovation and dedication to providing a seamless online shopping experience. On February 6th, in 10 Nordstrom stores, Prada Beauty will be available for customers to shop in person to add to their luxury beauty collection.


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