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Press Play: Destroy Lonely Releases New Single "LUV 4 YA"

Destroy Lonely makes a triumphant return with his highly-anticipated new single, "LUV 4 YA," offering a preview of his eagerly awaited sophomore album set for release this summer. The track, which Lonely teased at his debut Coachella performance in April, starts with a smooth, laid-back groove that gradually transforms into a high-energy anthem. It alternates between expressions of love and materialistic pursuits, driven by slick drums and hypnotic riffs. Produced by Lil 88, henny, and Evertime, "LUV 4 YA" marks a fresh divergence from the gritty beats of Lonely's previous singles.

Hendrik Schneider ©

"LUV 4 YA" showcases Lonely’s storytelling prowess as he delves into the narrative of a draining relationship, highlighting his growth as an artist with a captivating and evolving sound. Fans can listen to the track via Opium/Interscope Records.

In 2023, Destroy Lonely experienced unparalleled success and critical acclaim with the release of his debut album If Looks Could Kill. The album soared to No. 1 on Apple Music within 24 hours of its release and garnered nearly 10 million streams on Spotify, marking his biggest streaming day ever. It also secured a spot in the Top 20 on the Billboard 200. Prior to this, his mixtape NO STYLIST, featuring the title track "NOSTYLIST," was certified Gold by the RIAA and earned him spots on numerous "Artist to Watch" lists for 2023, including Rolling Stone, Complex, Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, and Alt Press.

Beyond music, Lonely continued to make waves in the fashion world. He teamed up with designer Matthew Williams to curate an exclusive merch collection, appeared in two iconic Marc Jacobs campaigns, and even crafted a custom pair of Bose headphones. His bold ventures across multiple creative domains showcased his versatility and cemented his status as a true innovator.

This year, the Opium artist has remained active, collaborating with producer Southside and label-mate Ken Carson on "President" and joining forces with Atlanta's Quavo on "Potato Loaded." With "LUV 4 YA ," Destroy Lonely sets the stage for another remarkable year, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his upcoming album.

Listen to "LUV 4 YA" below.


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