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Press Play: Ice Spice Drops New Single "Phat Butt"

GRAMMY-nominated rapper and pop culture sensation Ice Spice has released her new single "Phat Butt." The track is available now via 10K Projects/Capitol Records. Defiant, sexy, and brimming with attitude, "Phat Butt" is poised to be the summer anthem. This high-energy single is a highlight of her eagerly awaited debut album, Y2K!, set to drop on July 26. Fans can pre-order the album now, which also features her recent hits “Think U The Shit (Fart)” and “Gimmie A Light.”

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On "Phat Butt," Ice Spice delivers her signature fiery lyrics over RIOTUSA's pounding beats and intense percussion. "Hatin’ bitches be angry, hatin’ bitches they ain’t me," she raps with confidence, "How the fuck I’m still chewing bitches in plain shorts and a grey tee?” The multi-platinum artist continues to assert her dominance with lines like "Rap bitch on the pop chart, toasting bitches like pop tarts," and "Fat butt and a back tatt and I been bad like Mike Jack." The track is both a sharp retort to her critics and a vibrant party anthem, capturing the essence of Ice Spice.

The self-directed music video for "Phat Butt" amplifies the song's impact. Set against a backdrop of graffiti, the video showcases Ice Spice's unique style as she flaunts a striking yellow bob and sharp bangs. Her designer outfit and dazzling bling add to the video's gritty yet glamorous vibe. The clever use of filters enhances the edgy aesthetic, ensuring that the 24-year-old star remains the focal point. Fans can watch the video for "Phat Butt" now.

Ice Spice continues to redefine the rap scene with her bold style and unyielding attitude, and "Phat Butt" is a testament to her rising influence. Be sure to check out the single below, and look forward to the full Y2K! album release on July 26.


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