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Remembering Mac Miller: Clockwork DJ's 'A Mac Miller Story Remixxed'

Longtime friend and DJ of late rapper Mac Miller, Clockwork DJ, has just released a collection of remixes, edits, and mashups of Miller's work. The year-long project was announced on Instagram a few days ago and released on Soundcloud at 10 am EST on January 19th, Miller's birthday. In just six hours, the project has almost 20 thousand streams, showing the dedication fans still have to their favorite rapper.

Opening with a short, yet touching introduction from the DJ, Clockwork sends his love and dedicates this project to both Miller and his family. The project features sixteen of Miller's tracks, with interludes from Thundercat, Willy Whipz (Miller's first tour manager), and others. With forty-eight minutes of edits, remixes, and mashups of Mac Miller's discography, fans are given another glimpse into the rapper's life from Clockwork's perspective. The two were friends for around a decade, meeting originally on MySpace. Clockwork DJ's A Mac Miller Story Remixxed could be the last new Mac Miller-related content fans will ever see, though there are rumors of an unfinished project with Post Malone that could eventually surface.

Malone, just days after Mac Miller's death, mentioned the two artists getting together and toying with the idea of an album. Although it's unknown whether or not any tracks were recorded, we hope we'll hear Miller again in some form, whether it be a retelling of conversations, potential track names, or just another memory for the album. But for now, we've been gifted a collection of moments from Clockwork DJ on this memorable day.

Have you listened to A Mac Miller Story Remixxed? Let us know in the comments! Or, check out the project below.


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