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In Review: Sza's "Shirt"

R&B artist SZA has been a star in the music industry for some time now, initially beginning her career behind the scenes as a songwriter for popular artists like Rihanna. Her debut album Ctrl received critical acclaim and she has since collaborated with major artists such as Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar. Fans have waited eagerly for her next project for some time now and on October 28th, she released the track “Shirt” along with an enticing visual.


"Shirt" starts with booming percussion. The heavy drum beat quickly becomes the main focus of the track. SZA's sultry lead voice is met with background vocals, which are heavily drenched in reverb. A continuous synth in the background adds to the body of the track. For these elements, SZA receives a 7/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Sound.


In the song, SZA discusses her internal conflict dealing with a lover. After losing this person, she finds herself lost. She is okay with this feeling because in leaving the relationship, she has also escaped from the toxic environment it presented. She uses themes of religion to explain her struggles, singing, “In the dark right now, feeling lost but I like it, comfort in my sins and all about me”. The concepts of darkness and sinning reflect the impact of the toxic environment in which once SZA stayed. The situation caused her to second guess herself and she yearns to resolve the issue. SZA’s complex themes in her lyrics gain her an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for Lyrics.

In the dark right now//feeling lost but I like it//comfort in my sins and all about me


Fans asked SZA for this track after it was leaked, gaining popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok. She finally released the single, along with an amazing video that holds the intensity of an action movie. It stars actor Lakeith Stanfield and even hints at a new track about which fans can get excited. For this art, SZA gets a 9/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Overall, the track, “Shirt” by SZA earns an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale. Stream the track below and let us know what you think.



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