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Rise Carmine "Sin City" is a Graceful Guilty Pleasure

Psych-rock rising star Rise Carmine, also known as Liam Colbert, is back with yet another haunting hit. "Sin City" was released in late 2021, having been self-recorded and self-produced in Colbert's bedroom.

The single acts as both a stand-alone track and as an introduction to Colbert's prior release, "No Coup For Anyone" (produced by GRAMMY-winner Dave Schiffman). The tune, featuring exclusively guitar and vocals, has a simple, understated elegance. The classic Rise Carmine sound–wistful, evocative, and slightly eerie, with a punch of crunch–is brought to the forefront of "Sin City". Colbert brings poetry to life with his soul-stirring lyricism and smoothly flowing falsetto vocal melodies. Like much of his music, a dark subject matter is disguised by graceful guitar patterns, and inspires deep reflective thoughts in the listener. "Sin City" is sadness wrought with beauty–serenity in the face of sorrow. Colbert reveals that, with the help of modern consumerism and lifestyles, we all crawl toward 'Sin City' each day, caught in the web of its materialistic enticement. "Sin City" is a harmonious blend of unrestrained artistic vision and ominous commentaries, and leads perfectly into "No Coup For Anyone".

Colbert plans to release a joint music video for "Sin City" and "No Coup For Anyone" soon, so stay tuned for more updates! Listen to "Sin City" now and let us know what you think.



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