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Should You Listen to The Weeknd's "After Hours" After Hours?

The Weeknd's highly anticipated album "After Hours" has finally been released. Like most of his music, this album is full of tracks that connect you to your deepest thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Should you listen to The Weeknd's "After Hours" after hours? Let's find out.


Full of electronic infused beats and varying tempos, "After Hours" is versatile and unique when it comes to the sound. The Weeknd is one of those musicians that can be easily identified by his sound. From his voice to his choice in beats, when we hear him, we know it is him. On "After Hours", the most impressive aspect of the sound is the switch of tempos. The slow songs are passionate and heart-wrenching like "Alone Again", "Scared To Live", and "Until I Bleed Out". The faster songs like "After Hours", "Heartless", and "Too Late", and "In Your Eyes" make us want to go jam out at one of his concerts. This versatility is so perfect because it can trigger different types emotions for the listeners. Because of this versatility, on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "After Hours" receives a 10/10.


The Weeknd's voice is so controlled. Whether he is singing on one of his fast and upbeat beats, or on one of his slow and heartfelt beats, he knows how to adjust his voice perfectly. He sounds unique, individual to himself, and highly impressive on "After Hours". In his first track "Alone Again" he and his engineers laid his voice on the beat in a calculated and highly critical manner. He sounds perfect on the electronic beats throughout the whole entire album. When it comes to his lyrics, The Weeknd loves talking about sex, love, loneliness, and more. That is what his lyrics are known for. The fact that he made another album with lyrics that highlight the topics that he is known for is highly impressive, because nothing is the same as his previous albums, it is individual to "After Hours". Because of this, on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "After Hours" receives a 10/10.


The Weeknd showed phenomenal versatility on "After Hours". But, we would have loved to see some sort of connection of the songs, story, or order on the album. Although the whole album sounds good, it does seem a little bit like he is just singing about random things. But, considering his versatility and ability to produce such quality music, it makes up for the confusion and uncertainty of the overall message. Therefore, on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the art behind the album receives an 8/10.


Alone Again, Heartless, After Hours


Alone Again, Too Late, Hardest To Love, After Hours

On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "After Hours" receives a total rating of a 9.3/10. Listen to the album below.


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