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Tate Mcrae: The Transition from Dancer To Pop Star

Cover Photo by NBC Universal 2021

Tate Mcrae’s career as a rising pop star is taking off fast. As an 18-year-old, she has dominated the music industry with her unique voice and style of production. Most teens who get into this space start somewhere else and then transition into singing. We’ve seen this in Olivia Rodrigo, who started with acting, as well as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Mcrae was on television but for a different reason, dance. In 2016, the popular Fox show, So You Think You Can Dance created a season for young contestants called “The Next Generation”. A contemporary dancer from Canada, Mcrae auditioned, performed, and made it into the Top 3. She soon made many more television appearances dancing after the show ended.

Photo By 2016 Fox

Using that platform, she began to release songs and covers on YouTube. This gained traction, and a few years later she released her first EP “all the things i never said” in January 2020. Songs like “stupid”, started to trend on Tik Tok and fit in with the trendy music that Gen-Z connects with. Her big break happened a few months later with the song “you broke me first”. The song currently on Spotify has over 900 million streams and the music video has 138 million views. In an interview on Ellen, Mcrae talked with famous dancer Twitch about the differences between the two industries and how dance has helped her navigate the music world.

The next year was huge for Mcrae. She performed at the European Music Awards and did several live streams during quarantine to promote her music. All her songs radiate a feeling where you can roll down your windows and feel like flying. Creating music that mostly fits in the electronic category, Mcrae’s soft voice packs a punch that compels audiences to sing along. In 2021, the artist also began to collaborate with bigger stars. Her song “You” with Australian singer Troye Sivan is a radio hit as well as her single with Khalid, “working”

Mcrae is now digging into a new sound, more pop-rock similar to Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”. Her newest single, “she’s all i wanna be” just dropped and it’s even more catchy than her previous breakup tracks. The electric guitar and upbeat drums could make anyone feel 18 again. It’s a feel-good song that hopefully resonates with audiences. The music video, which based on a preview, highlights her dancing, comes out on February 11. No one can deny that Tate Mcrae is a leader of the new generation of pop stars. You can listen to discography here:

Listen to Mcrae's new song below.



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