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In Review: Taylor Swift's "Karma (ft. Ice Spice)"

Taylor Swift has brought hip-hop’s current it-girl, Ice Spice, on for an unexpected remix of her notorious single "Karma."


The production on this track is twinkly and beautiful, making it feel reminiscent of a movie score. The synths continuously build on each other, creating immense intensity. This twinkly beat evolves for Ice Spice’s verse, with the addition of an 808 beat along with more drums, creating the perfect hip-hop elements for her. Taylor added sweet harmonies under Ice Spice’s verse, merging their two different styles. These two get an 8/10 for their sound on the Intersect Rating Scale.


Ice Spice spearheads this remix, singing, “Karma is that girl, like (grrah).” The theme of the original track is Taylor expressing that karma will always be on her side when someone betrays her. Ice Spice adds to this theme, rapping, “So, I keep my head up, my bread up, I won't let up (Never), Promise that you'll never endeavor with none lesser.” Ice Spice encourages listeners to be their best for karma to work in their favor. The two receive a 5/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale for their lyrics.


Many have argued that this collaboration was simply a marketing ploy. Although both Taylor Swift and Ice Spice are very talented individuals, this collaboration has a slightly superficial and forced feel to it. Despite this criticism, Taylor Swift has been extremely supportive and uplifting towards Ice Spice. She has expressed that Ice Spice was very pleasant to work with, and her work ethic is admirable. For this wonderful relationship, the two get a 6/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale regarding their art.

Taylor and Ice Spice earn a 6/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream "Karma (ft. Ice Spice)" below.


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