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This Isn't LANY's Last Time

"If this is the last time" is a single released by the alternative pop trio LANY for their upcoming album Mama's Boy. The song is well-fitting to the album name considering it is a tribute from lead singer Paul Klein to his parents. In the midst of the trials of 2020, LANY gives fans a song to remind them to hold on to what really matters and enjoy the little things.


The start of the song surrounds the listener with the simple sound of a guitar which lays the foundation for the rest of the song. Once the pre-chorus begins the tempo picks up to lead into the chorus. Then, the song returns to that light guitar from the beginning. The basic sound of the song never changes which allows the listener to really focus on the lyrics. However, before the bridge, the music seems to fade away for a bit. Immediately following that, the upbeat tempo from the chorus returns, and drums are added to end the song with a powerful yet sentimental feeling. LANY does an amazing job at creating a sound for this song that does not distract from the lyrics which is why Intersect gives "If this is the last time" a 10/10 on the 1-10 rating scale.


"Hey mom" are the first two words you hear of the song grabbing your attention and immediately making you feel nostalgic. The lyrics are directed toward lead singer, Paul Klein's parents. Which explains why this song, more than any other, has more of a talk/sing sound to it. Focusing on just the singing, Klein's voice sounds incredibly heartfelt which I believe, is why fans are so connected to it. His voice matches the sound of the music. When the beat is soft, his voice is soft, and when the beat escalates as does his voice. This gives the overall song a very unified sound making the lyrics really stand out which I believe was Klein's goal. Overall, Intersect gives the vocals a 9/10 rating.


LANY is most commonly known for their pop-sounding breakup songs. This however is something totally different. Lead singer Paul Klein has made it known to his fans that this upcoming album will be a look into his Oklahoma roots. "If this is the last time" is the perfect song for Klein to show where he came from. He sings verses dedicated to his mom and dad each filled with specific memories he has with them. The title "If this is the last time" is strung throughout the song reminding listeners that any moment could be their last. It's reminding people to enjoy every second of life. LANY's single is real. It's meaningful and it speaks to people in so many ways. With 2020 being a year of tragedy and chaos, LANY could not have released this song at a better time. Intersect gives "If this is the last time" a 10/10 in the art department for its ability to be a catchy song and still relate to viewers.


If you like the underlying beat: "Made in Hollywood" on Makeout EP

If you like the slow tone: "Malibu Nights" on Malibu Nights

If you like the meaning: "Good Guys" on upcoming Mama's Boy

On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "If this is the last time" receives a total score of 9.6/10. Listen to the single below.


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