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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Sexyy Red to PinkPantheress

Stream the must-listen releases from this past week.

Sexyy Red’s Hood Hottest Princess

In case you haven’t heard “Pound Town” or its Barb-approved remix, we're sending some help your way to get you out of whichever rock you're under. When they get there, tell them to spin this from front to back.

Christine and the Queens’ PARANÖIA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE

Unwaveringly unique and pretty pioneering, the French songwriter’s latest project is more than just an hour-long opus — it’s actually an hour-and-a-half. Most of all, though, it’s worth every minute.

Babytron’s 6

Babytron has long personified a key adage: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yes, 6 is more of the same from the Detroit rapper, but we’re not complaining and probably never will.

J Hus’ “Who Told Ya”

J Hus hasn’t dropped an album in quite some time, but his feature run has been nothing short of impressive. Here, he takes the spotlight for himself, aside from ringing Drake in for a feature.

PinkPantheress’ “Angel”

The Barbie soundtrack is shaping up to be exactly what its tracklist suggested — undeniably catchy and coated in pink. PinkPantheress’ sugary cut is the latest proof of that.


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