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Tommy Trash & Kiesza Link for Introspective New Single "Tectonic"

Australian dance musician Tommy Trash and Canadian singer Kiesza joined forces for their collaborative single, "Tectonic," which was released on August 5.

In 2017, both Trash and Kiesza stepped out of the public eye following life-changing experiences. Trash left his Las Vegas club residency and many shows behind, emotionally and physically exhausted. He sold his house, and spent the next three years on an ayahuasca-led retreat, where he explored the healing properties of the hallucinogenic drug in South America.

That same year, Kiesza suffered a debilitating brain injury as a result of a severe car accident. For months, she was unable to perform, sing, or even move–forced into isolation indefinitely. Despite her trauma and chronic pain, Kiesza fought to write and perform music again, releasing her critically acclaimed album CRAVE.

In 2020, Trash returned from his two-year hiatus with his single "Lil Bit"–a collaboration with Peking Duck–and his remix of deadmau5 and Kiesza's "Bridged By A Lightwave."

About "Tectonic," Kiesza shared: "I began 'Tectonic' as a folk song on my mother’s grand piano and Tommy Trash took the song to a level I could have never imagined. I love how the unique combination of the deep poetic lyrics and haunting melody combines so effortlessly with Tommy’s energetic and driving electronic house music, to create the most beautiful sense of melancholy." She continued, "I’m blown away by his creativity and talent as a producer and definitely can not wait to create more music with him!"

"Tectonic" reflects both artists' deep introspection and resilience over the past few years. Epic synth arpeggios and dynamic swells capture listeners' attention, and a catchy, uptempo dance beat drives the song's groove. Kiesza's hypnotic vocal melodies and moving performance sit in the energizing mix perfectly; Tommy Trash and Kiesza are a magical dance duo. "Tectonic" is a guaranteed earworm, and is sure to have listeners singing and head-bopping along the whole time.

Listen to "Tectonic" now and let us know what you think.



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