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Lil Peep's CALIFORNIA GIRLS EP is Released Two Years Posthumously

Led by his estate and Nedarb, Lil Peep's latest post-humous project was released January 29. Started in 2015, Nedarb and Lil Peep crafted this 6-track EP over emails, DMs, and texts, never truly finishing it, nor releasing it properly. Finally, after years of collecting dust, Nedarb and Lil Peep's estate agreed to release it on all streaming services to preserve the rapper's legacy.

The EP is produced by Nedarb and features Craig Xen. It hosts favorites such as "lil kennedy" and "Beemer Boy."

On Lil Peep's website, fans can find a note from Nedarb himself, giving a close-up glimpse into the collaboration process with Peep. He continues to detail his favorite tracks, and even includes screenshots of conversations with the late artist. The most touching part of his note is when he writes, "These 6 songs are some of the most important pieces of music I have ever been apart of. They marked a new era of Peep. It was Peep’s most honest and heartfelt lyrics that I personally had heard yet." From production styles to vocals, we agree with Nedarb — this project is a new step for Lil Peep. In a new decade, we are honored to welcome a new side of Lil Peep, however late it may seem.

Just like Nedarb, we connected most with "let me bleed," perhaps the EP's most lyrically complex yet raw track. Have you listened to CALIFORNIA GIRLS? Let us know in the comments below your opinion of the EP.



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