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Love Renaissance and Summer Walker's "Santa Baby"

We're a little over one week away from Thanksgiving and you know what comes right after: the holiday season! Decorating trees, hanging up Christmas lights, and hot cocoa will be the new norm in a couple of days. More into the music side of things, Christmas tracks will be at their peak like they always are during this time of the year. Contemporary R&B artist Summer Walker recently joined the list of artists to cover a classic Christmas song — of course, putting her own flair into it.

Summer Walker, in collaboration with Love Renaissance, released a cover of the old-time classic "Santa Baby" on November 16. Her signature seductive sound protrudes in the track, with a sultry music video to accommodate the song. Fans can see previews of handcuffs and whips which one doesn't have to directly associate to know what they're used for. An absolute angel, Walker is also seen in all white, sitting on a white grand piano with candles burning in the background.

Summer Walker's track is to be featured on Love Renaissance's new Christmas album Home for the Holidays which features other popular artists such as 6LACK, Kitty Ca$h, upcoming artist Eli Derby, and more.

Make sure to go check out Summer Walker's music video for "Santa Baby" below and don't forget to stream Love Renaissance's album Home for the Holidays these holidays.


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