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We're "Not Mad" About Halsey's New Lyric Video

On October 2, Halsey released a new lyric video for her song "I’m Not Mad." The video was allegedly released as a response to ex-boyfriend G-Eazy’s song "Had Enough," where he calls Halsey out multiple times. The lyric video dropped after G-Eazy was seen with Ashley Benson, who recently split from Halsey's other ex Cara Delevingne.

The video features stop-motion drawing animations alongside handwritten lyrics. The beat of the song is upbeat and background drums emphasize Halsey's lyrics. She sings "I'm not even mad anymore, I don’t even want you back anymore" and continues to diss G-Eazy multiple times. On the track, Halsey calls him self-obsessed and hopes he regrets his decisions.

Halsey’s line, "I hear the wicked get no rest, but when you do I hope you dream of me" really embodies what she is trying to say throughout the song and accompanying lyric video. Loose, childish illustrations help us visualize Halsey's new carefree attitude, while shadows of old illustrations might hint at some of the past haunting the present. It's her way of saying she’s done with the drama, but she knows G-Eazy will regret losing her for the rest of his life.

The song was released January 17, 2020 on Halsey's album Manic. Listen below.


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