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Weston Estate Releases New Track "Pears"

Lo-fi alt band Weston Estate dropped their latest track "Pears" this Friday. The song follows track "Hold On," which released last month.

The new indie track boasts a hypnotic guitar melody and passionate lyrics that make it impossible to stop listening. The band, made up of five best friends, says of the track, "'Pears' was born on a trip to the NC mountains that we took at the start of winter. The last year was a whirlwind for the whole band, as we struggled to balance school and our search for our creative identities."

"For the first time in a while, we were able to drown out all the noise and just focus on music during a time where we had a lot of self-doubt," the band added. "Making ‘Pears’ was an outlet for us to talk about how that uncertainty was affecting our relationship with ourselves and the people we love. We chose to incorporate production from all over the musical spectrum, hoping to highlight both our struggles with our own identities, as well as our appreciation for different genres."

Speaking on elements of the song itself, the band said, "The stark contrast among the airy guitar, the dark bass, the glitchy bells, and the swaggered out drums creates a perfectly disorienting sonic landscape that anyone can get immersed in. Both personally and creatively, it’s an entire coming-of-age story wrapped up into one song."

Listen to "Pears" below and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for more news on Weston Estate.



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