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What You Should Know About BANKS and 'Holding Back'!

BANKS is an American artist known for her Alt-Pop, Alt R&B, and Electro-pop signature sounds. What has set her apart time and again is how dark and depraved she opens her soul into every song. From her acclaimed album, Goddess, BANKS is set for another journey teasing new singles in preparation for something new. She is here with a darker edge, to encourage owning who people are, let go and feel proud of oneself even in their purest form.

Keeping ourselves along her journey, from her latest single, Skinnydipped, BANKS reclaims the anthem of moving on. We tend to keep ourselves held by others even if we are taking the suffering from staying in a toxic situation. Skinnydipped pushes us to remind ourselves to leave situations that do not serve us and do more. We can seen that even visually, BANKS is more than just a singer but an artist that focuses on all functions of story telling, both sonically and visually.

On February 3rd, BANKS released a snippet from her follow-up single, “Holding Back”, on the social media platform, TikTok. This led to fans getting more excited for even more new music. What we can decipher from this snippet is the pitched chipmunk vocals that are still melodic but keeps us still confused on what this new single could be. Will it go dark and sultry, or will it continue to celebrate self-empowerment, on a wave we have not yet explored? We are left wondering until release as the only lyrics that can be deciphered are:

"Oh, hold me back/ I know I've done you wrong."

We can also see that BANKS has released video footage of her Music Video to accompany “Holding Back”. We don’t know the direction this will take, but we are here for it!

"Holding Back" releases on February 25, 2022 and if you are like us, you should pre-save now here!


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