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Charli's latest Single featuring Rina Sawayama: 'Beg for You'

Hyperpop Queen Charli XCX releases her third single, "Beg for You", from her upcoming album, CRASH. "Beg for You" features alternative singer, Rina Sawayama, on this much-anticipated track.



"Beg For You" is another dance pop song from her upcoming album. With the synths playing a large portion of the song, this song still lacks any depth in terms of sound. "Beg For You" interpolates "Cry For You" by September. This song sounds almost identical to "Cry for You" and while interpolation is not a bad thing, it still requires an artist to put their original sound to avoid being lackluster as we see here. While being a eurodance-pop song, it's just sweet but adds nothing noteworthy. A song I simply could listen to at the grocery store. Rina Sawayama's vocals are a highlight of this track and did melt beautifully with Charli's, adding to great vocal performances for both. Being reminiscent of another 2000's dance pop song, this single misses the mark and is one of the weakest of Charli's discography. Given all this, on the Intersect Rating Scale of 1-10 for sound, "Beg For You" receives a 5.


"Beg For You" is the story of an infatuated Charli wanting someone to stay by her side for as long as possible. This song's lyrics showcase a moment of her own desperation. Aside from the interpolation, what does shine is Sawayama's verse:

Oh, put your lips on my lips/ I'll remember your kiss on the nights when I miss you/ Something I can't forget when I'm restless in bed/ Yeah, you got me obsessing now

Sawayama's expressive lyricism helps paint a picture of the feeling of desperation. The descriptive lyrics within the verses help bring forth the desperation of a woman's self-realization of this situation. From this, on the Intersect Scale of 1-10, "Beg For You" gets a 7.5/10.


In terms of the art behind the song, the story behind "Beg For You" is interesting in terms of its construction for her final album with Atlantic Records. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, " I felt like Crash wouldn't really be a truthful representation of what it's like to be a female pop artist signed to Atlantic Records without doing an interpolation song, so I did it" she states. With the rise of Artists signed onto labels interpolating songs from the 2000s and other early hits, Charli visualized this song as a way to make fun of the recent trend going on as her last act with Atlantic Records. With Charli XCX bringing to light the game artists are doing, this song brings more volume and reason behind it sounding so simple. Overly interpolated songs bring no depth or creativeness and she wanted to expose that with this song. In terms of the art behind the song, on the Intersect Scale of 1-10, "Beg For You" receives a 8.6

Overall, "Beg For You" does what it came to do. Expose the irony in today's interpolated and sampling era of music. With that, overall, "Beg For You" receives a 6.5/10.

Charli XCX's upcoming album Crash featuring artists such as Rina Sawayama comes out on March 18th. Pre-save here. Listen below, and share what your thoughts are!


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