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Rina Sawayama and Elton John Duet on "Chosen Family" Remix

Rina Sawayama enlisted Elton John as her "Chosen Family" for the song's official remix on April 14.

Their new version of "Chosen Family" from her 2020 Sawayama album, which was released a year ago on April 17, 2020, also comes with a performance lyric video. In the clip, Sawayama serenades Sir John, who's perched at the piano, and the two engage in a swelling display of familial love regardless of not being related to one another, as the song asserts.

The original power ballad was produced by Danny L Harle and written by Sawayama, Harle and Jonny Latimer as an emotional ode to the alt-pop singer's LGBTQ+ family, highlighting the concept of a "chosen family" for those who've been "ostracized by their family, friends or community after coming out."

Listen to the remix below, and let us know what you think.



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