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Charlie Puth's "Light Switch" flips from Tik Tok to the Charts

Last Thursday, pop star Charlie Puth released his new single “Light Switch”, which quickly hit the charts and pleased fans worldwide. The catchy, upbeat song was highly anticipated after being leaked on Tik Tok about five months ago. We love and know Puth from his iconic songs such as “See You Again”, “Attention”, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. He also has produced and written songs for other artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Liam Payne. After making a name for himself with his previous two albums, he hopes to use this new type of fame to create buzz for upcoming projects.

Tik Tok has been the current center for music and viral videos, giving small artists a following to push content out. Although he is already well established, Puth hopped on the bandwagon and began making videos alongside every other user. In recent months, he posted a video of himself using his producer skills to create a song based on different sounds around his studio. The video now, which has over 70 million views, is a big reason why Puth wanted to put it out as soon as it was ready.

In a recent Rolling Stone article, the singer talked about how he felt like the fans were a part of the creative process. In another Tik Tok with 30 million views, he encouraged his audience to pre-save “Light Switch” on all platforms and gave them an even longer sneak peek of the track. This interaction with fans boosted the song and is ultimately the reason it is currently number ten and rising on the 50 most played tracks on Spotify currently. The melody is captivating, the lyrics are simple, and Puth’s goofy and lighthearted personality adds that carefree feeling.

In addition to releasing the song, the music video was dropped the same day. It captures the fun of the song as it stars Puth as a guy going through a breakup who needs to “flip the switch” on his life. It gained 7.5 million views since it was put on YouTube and that number is expected to grow. Overall, this was a great launch to a new era for Puth. His third album, Charlie, is expected to come this year. Give "Light Switch" a listen and watch the music video below.



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